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Our Brand

Taqesch Swim is an independent swimwear and lifestyle label built on the foundations of empowering women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Taqesch believes in confidence, individuality and self expression and we embody this through our 100% sustainable and Australian Made pieces.

We are a 100% Australian made label, manufactured in the iconic beach shores of Gold Coast, QLD.

Who we are

Elissa Calapai is the creative behind Taqesch.

The designs and colours embodied in each collection are all inspired by her travels throughout Europe and celebrating the natural curves that all women have that make us unique

Taqesch Swim is about living and embracing who you are, we are about self love, individuality and empowerment!

Taqesch is especially designed for the woman who is confident, graceful and care-free, whether she is lounging poolside with her girlfriends, soaking up the sun, travelling the world or swimming in the ocean, she is a glowing goddess because she is comfortable and fearless in her own skin.


Our Approach

Each piece from Taqesch is lovingly made from regenerated and sustainable fabrics and made entirely in Australia in limited edition. Being a conscious label means that we are taking our power back and supporting what we stand for - our goal is to make a difference and reduce our carbon footprint in a world that is affected by poorly managed supply chains.

Taqesch Goddesses


Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for swimwear and to also empower women physically, mentally, spiritually

and emotionally.


We have built a community for women to empower, connect

and support each other by providing resources and information

on physical health, skincare, wellness and any other areas

related to self-care.


Join our community group and be part of our mission to empower

one another.