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Our Approach

Taqesch is an independent label, locally owned and operated and are committed to doing our best to lower the impact made from plastic pollution. We care deeply for our environment and believe in consciously creating beautiful swimwear that focuses on sustainability, our environment and community.

We believe in slow fashion and are committed to creating 100% Australian made pieces with love, care and passion.


We define ourselves as a sustainable and luxury label by locally manufacturing within Australia, by being women owned and women made and using recyclable and sustainable fabrics from the start to the end of our supply chain.


Read about our process below

Our Process

Every Taqesch piece is created and made with sustainable and recyclable fabrics.


We use fabric made from 100% regenerated nylon that has been made through fishing nets and waste from our oceans and landfills across the globe. We have decided to partner with an initiative that recovers abandoned nets left in our oceans in order to renew our ecosystems.


The fishnets and waste is collected, cleaned and shredded into small pieces. These small pieces are then melted into a liquid which creates strands of polyester or nylon, which is then woven into fabrics.

This takes much less energy. Recycled fibres has a 75% lower carbon footprint compared to virgin materials and uses 90% less water.

Our intention is for our pieces to be loved, lived in and kept for many seasons. We aim to influence our customers to make more considered decisions in order to minimise waste, and reduce our environmental impact by moving away from the throwaway culture of fast fashion.


Never compromising on quality our materials have a 10x greater lifespan compared to regular swimwear fabrics as well as added protection from chemicals such as chlorine, sun tan lotion and rough surfaces. This ensures your much loved Taqesch pieces will last beyond a season.



Made In Australia

Because we are committed to quality, ethics and sustainability, every Taqesch Swim piece is made in Brisbane, Australia by businesses that we work closely with and have built life long relationships with. Like Taqesch, our swimwear manufacturers are also owned and operated by women and operate with the highest standards and values.
All components of Taqesch including fabric, padding, accessories, hardware, packaging, swing tags and labels are sourced from Australian businesses resulting in upmost quality for our customers whilst supporting Australian business and the economy.
We work to minimise the negative impacts that are linked with manufacturing and can ensure that all women involved in our manufacturing process are respectfully treated and valued.

Our Packaging

We use biodegradable and compostable packaging througout our supply chain.

Our mailing bags are made using plant-based materials such as cornstarch and PBAT.

Our packaging boxes are made from Australian cardboard manufacturers who are committed to an environmentally safe and sustainable manufacturing process.