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We have chosen our Taqesch Swimwear fabric for its perfect combination of resilience and retention. To keep your Taqesch Swimwear suit in immaculate condition, please follow our care instructions below.


  1. Wash your suit in fresh cold water as soon as possible by adding a small amount of gentle soap, work the soapy water through the swimsuit and make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until the soap is gone.
  2. Lay your suit flat in the shade or hang it in the shade to dry. Never ring your suit, this can cause stress and wear to our fabric.
  3. Never ever spin dry, tumble dry, dry clean or iron your suit, these activities are far too harsh for our fabric.
  4. Keep your suits off rough pool surfaces/edges and rough grounds, this can cause your suit to pull and our fabric to become weak.
  5. Sun creams and tanning oils can damage and can discolour our suits, please use caution around these products
  6. Caring for your Taqesch Swim suits in the correct manner is the best way for your suits to live a long life.

We are unable to assume responsibility for any damages that the suit may incur if cared for in the incorrect manner.



Taqesch Swim has undergone thorough testing on our products. We use 316 stainless steel chains and clasps which is tested and proven to be the highest grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant metal for marine and chlorine environments.

The rose gold stainless steel chains on the Amalfi Top are delicate. Chain may need to be detached and re-attached after dressing, dependent on body shape. 

Please note if you do not follow suggested instruction, the clasp may pull away from the fabric. This will void any liability on behalf on Taqesch and no refund or exchange will be applied.